Archiving the Family Recipes

Posted by Graphic Image on August 16, 2012
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Belinda from always loved her Grandma’s cooking. Recently, she realized that she had no idea how to make any of the family recipes let alone pass the secrets on to the future generations. She decided the time to learn is now!

“Granny opened up her tin filled with hundreds of papers and written on each one was a different family recipe. Most of the papers had turned yellow, they were torn and the ink was fading. Not to mention the disorganization. Of course the grandchildren down the road might cherish it all the same, but there was no guarantee that these recipes would even hold up let alone be legible by then and I really wanted to preserve these. “

Belinda knew that if she was going to start organizing all of this, not just any recipe book would do. She turned to the Graphic Image Leather Recipe Books, which contain specially made acid-free archival paper developed to meet the criteria of preservation for several hundred years with out significant deterioration, and smythe sewn binding designed for longevity.

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How to Archive your Family Recipes

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